Saturday, June 12, 2010

True Love...

Memories, a token of
life ever after
Future, though bleak
will shine through the clouds.
Wishing, for something
beyond all the starlights,
Dreaming, a vision of
unending floods.

Open, a door no longer
shut to us,
Fearing, the truth
that waits for us there.
Never believing He'd
live for us, die for us,
Life everlasting, a
promise to share.

Freely held out to us
the promise of True Love,
Truly the covenant
forever remains.
Grace, like an ocean
is sinking and pulling us,
Trusting, we find we
are riding the waves.

Memories, of darkness
now begin to fade, yet
Always a dim glimpse
held back in our mind.
Realizing, just how much,
was given for us,
Unworthy recipients of
the light that we find.

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  1. By the way, since I failed to mention it, the poem is written by yours truly... in case anybody wanted to know...