Sunday, November 28, 2010


In some ways, it's sort of depressing to be home. Being home means it's all over. Thanksgiving is over for another year, the visits with family and friends are over, and life now has to go back to normal. The reason for being home is depressing. Thankfully, actually being home is not.

It's not hard for me to be thankful for this home. It is beautiful, and everywhere I look, I see a part of our family -- because we built it, or a lot of it at least. One of my greatest prayers and dreams is to be someone who is content in whatever home I'm in. I would enjoy living in a great big beautiful house, but I also want to be someone who is just as happy and content living in a mud hut in a third world country. But that's sort of for a different post.

I have a splitting headache, I am missing too many people, and I would like to skip Monday. I have to get back into regular life tomorrow, and worst of all I have to go to Drivers Ed. I am very glad the next week is the last of it, but I still am dreading it terribly.

But tonight, it doesn't matter all that much. Tonight, I'm just thankful for home.

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  1. abby was always the one leaving back to college or on a mission trip or to a summer outreach or camping trip and now that she lives at home she told me how differnet i is to be the one left behind the one everyone else is leaving. the one still doing the same thing while others move on. And I agree with her it is much harder to be left then to leave. And right now I am being left to do school while it seems al other are off gallavating. in real life they probably aren't but it feels like they like what they are doing.