Monday, December 6, 2010


Sometimes you just feel like throwing it all out the window,
sometimes you believe that even if you persisted,
it would never turn out all right.
No matter how many memories,
no matter how much wishing,
it's not always your place
to change.

Sometimes you stare in the mirror and can't see anything,
sometimes you realize the image doesn't have it all,
that there's something deeper inside.
Looking on, you're just another
worn and tired beauty,
Looking in, you shine with
His love.

Sometimes others understand when you need a reminder,
sometimes they know to say what you know you need to hear,
just then when you need it the most.
But more often than not,
you see they forgot,
so instead you must realize
He knows.

Sometimes your dreams reach to the sparkling stars in the night sky,
sometimes he breaks them just when you weren't expecting,
to show you that he is bigger.
Whether he changes them,
or whether he takes them,
watch for the glimpse of
His smile.


  1. thanks!! I wasn't sure the rhythm worked, but this one wasn't so much for how it sounded...

  2. I've been meaning to say I love the new background! :)

    This was beautiful. It made me cry as you touched upon things I've been going through. Thank you for the encouragement, and the much-needed reminder that He is always there, bigger than everything.

  3. Thanks, Jess! I kind of liked the background myself. :)

    I'm so glad you were touched. Writing poetry encourages myself... because while nothing outwardly seems to change, inside it's like a reminder to myself.