Monday, February 21, 2011

I need you

I need you
because I can't rely on myself any longer.
I need you
to show me once again your beauty and your grace.
Inside of smiling faces
there's more left than just traces
of a hurt and broken spirit
that needs healing from above.

I want you
because I've lost control of my lost heart.
I want you
to remind me once again how unfathomable is your love.
Release of expectation
lose all my pride in prostration
feel your arms around me tight
tell me once again, "It's all right."

I need you
because I'm so weary of this ling'ring burden.
I need you
for hope and peace and all that really matters.
Finally drop my hopeless mirror
lose sight of all exterior
find my way with you beside me
trust you to make me all I can be.

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