Monday, March 21, 2011

A poem I wrote several months ago... found it in an old journal

Just another memory
Just another song,
lost from mind.
Heaving, then, we think
we're all or nothing,
But on the scales
we're just a grain of sand.

Sighing in the trees the
wind whispers
Warnings of a life left
far behind.
Wasted, an eternal,
stifled regret,
But on the scales,
we're still a grain of sand.

Lost, a dream of life
is shattered.
Broken, my heart
apart from yours.
Forgotten, memories I
thought I'd always treasure,
Crystal, my tears upon
your shores.

Anguish, filling me
to bursting.
Crashing, the waves
upon my soul.
Whispered, "peace
overcomes your longings,"
Beckon, he's running
as you call.

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