Saturday, May 21, 2011

Guess how much I love you

I walk in the dark velvet night and 
underneath the expanse of crystal stars sparkling above I can feel it. 
I can feel Him. 
It's all around me.
Every dark outline against the lighter sky,
the breeze blowing my hair,
the wind as I run,
chasing the love I reach for every moment to satisfy my deepest longings,
this, this sky, this earth,
all around is silently shouting,
the loudest whisper
burning deep into my soul,
searing my heart,
He says,
"Guess how much I love you."

And I cannot close my eyes to this.
I cannot close my eyes to these thousand gifts.
I cannot close my ears to his quiet whispered words,
"Guess how much I love you."

My heart searches for an answer,
an intelligent, wise response
to this One of all wisdom.
But I am a foolish girl,
and while I search,
I know inside,
I can't say anything at all.
I cannot guess how much You love me. 
But I know it is so much more than I deserve.
Still He says again,
"Guess how much I love you."

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