Monday, July 18, 2011


Can you hear me?
Cause I'm trying so hard,
and falling so fast,
and I can't even see for the faster falling tears.
Can you hear me?
Cause I'm breaking,
and this weight is growing hard to bear.
Where's my vision? Where's my passion?
Where's my excitement to do more?
I feel so scared now, and I'm still here,
outside the door.
You tell me softly, that you're here
for me to cry with.
But I'm ready,
for a thundering of crashing words,
for a thundering of you.
I need your Spirit --
this heart will never conquer on its own.
I need your wisdom --
jumbled thoughts I spread before your throne.
And I'm crying now,
but I know you've felt these tears before.
I feel so needy,
shouldn't I by now have conquered more?
Where is my valour?
Don't I believe you when I hear you say,
"I'm strong and mighty,
and with my grace I make you ready for each day."
I know you're here.
Please anoint me
with your holy all-consuming love.
Hold me tighter,
keep my heart both here and up above.
Show me the reason,
why my tears flood this heart so emptily.
Give me power,
to endure and soon to rise above.
Grant me victory,
and please once again restore my love.
Show me, Daddy,
how to give your heart of hope away.
Give me something,
something so I don't feel so afraid.

Daddy, please be with me,
cause I need you now,
so be with me,
Keep me, please.

You write to me so often,
and so rarely do I write back.
This broken love note is for you.


  1. Lovely. Stirring. Inspiring. Heart-warming. Our Father is so awesome!!!

  2. thanks. there's this quote, that for some reason writing this made me think of: "But I believe good things happen everyday. I believe good things happen even when bad things happen. And i believe on a happy day like today, we can still feel a little sad. And that’s life, isn’t it?"
    *sigh* I could write a whole blogpost on how good my Dad is. Over and over and over. He's so... perfect. not just perfect for me, but perfect. *and* perfect for me. it's a little overwhelming right now... in the best way conceived possible, or possibly conceived whichever way is right. Don't ask me to have correct grammar this early in the morning. :)