Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Moving on

It scares you for more than a moment, child,
and you're lost in the nightmare of reality.
"There's not enough time to sit here and cry now,"
they say, "it's time to move on, don't you see?"

The tears fell fast at the final goodbye,
and though they tell you that it won't be forever,
You're old enough, child, to know better than that,
and it'll be so different now, even if you're ever together.

And it hurts so much now, but you realize, child,
that what hurts the most is not your heart that's breaking.
It's the terrifying, oh so clear, dividing line
so harshly separating what has passed and what is still coming.

What flows into your soul after the last tear's shed,
is the cruel and all-oppressing flood of emptiness.
You will learn this well, child, the more goodbyes that are said,
of all the hurts this world can give, this may indeed be the hardest.

This moving on is an ache that we must all learn to bear,
and it's harder for some of us than for others.
The sky looks so dark now, oh child, but promise me please
that you'll always be searching for the rainbow's colours.

Don't you listen to the heartless advisors, child,
don't try to keep those broken tears from falling.
One day with love they will all be wiped away,
so until then, cry away, my darling. 


  1. Absolutely floored! Completely amazing!

  2. thanks, guys! this poem came relatively easily to me, but I ended up feeling so emotionally spent after it. I've felt completely exhausted all afternoon since I finished it. but it's kind of a satisfying emotional draining. such is the life of a poet, I suppose. :)
    I'm so glad you guys liked it!