Tuesday, August 16, 2011

on Soulmates and Pink Flamingos

Elena and I have known each other since we were born.
I was named after her mother who was my mom's roommate and best friend in college,
and who married my dad's roommate and best friend in college. 
We go way back.
Basically, I've considered her to be one of my best friends all my life.
Last weekend, we drove up to Pennsylvania to spend a crazy short weekend with her and her awesome family.
I was slightly nervous, honestly.
It had been at least two and a half years,
and who knew how much had changed between the two of us?
What if we had gone totally different paths?
After all, two and a half of our highschool years is quite a long time. 
My fears were completely banished when we arrived,
late Saturday night, after a long, dark, rainy-wet drive,
and I jumped out of the car into Elena's amazing, crushing hug.
I knew that no matter what had changed, 
we were still as close as ever. 
And as it turned out,
we got way closer than we've ever been. 
Elena has a kind of beauty that is unbelievably rare in girls,
in this day and age, or any day and age.
She bursts with life and an irrational joy,
that comes from a heart bound with cords of love to her precious God,
and it sparkles all around her. 
She is the amazing combination of fun-loving,
and hardcore, serious, intentional God-loving
(which of course are not mutually exclusive).
The two of us together now know we can make approximately 150 doughnuts,
with the help of four little boys and one little girl,
and have a complete blast doing it. 
We share so many interests and struggles,
so many likes and dislikes,
but ultimately, the reason we get along so well together
is because we both love and adore each other so much. 
And I think no matter how much our circumstances in life change,
no matter how much our likes and dislikes change over the course of time,
we will always be close in heart and spirit
because that bond of love is a very deep one. 
I love people. I like watching people, and analyzing people, and finding beauty in people.
But honestly, when it comes down to it, I have only a very small portion of close friends. 

Elena is one of them.
I love you dearest!
Don't ever, ever forget it.

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