Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What are we hiding?

When we lift our hearts, we can feel it. 
But it's not till we raise our hands that we realize how little we felt it. 
I lift my hands and the wave of grace and feeling floods me,
 and I come out of it so wet, so drenched, so completely soaked. 
So washed over, I wonder how I'm still standing upright, 
I wonder how I'm still stable. 
That grace washes hard.

We weren't made to stifle what's inside us. 
As the one who fashioned and formed us expressed his own self
 outwardly and openly through creating us, 
his mirrors, 
so we were made to express the art inside us. 
And when we sit, or stand,
 perhaps not cold on the inside, 
perhaps we're filled with feeling on the inside, 
but don't you think that if we stay as still as stone on the outside, 
if we hold that door to the place in our heart that so longs to be let out, 
so longs to express itself, 
if we hold it closed, 
don't you think that sooner or later that bursting heart will start to weaken, 
that eventually it will die?

The only way it will ever be stronger is if we let it out, 
letting it grow. 
So if being with Jesus makes us want to dance, 
why not dance? 
We were made to express ourselves, 
so why are we holding it in? 

Why are we trying to hide the grace?

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