Saturday, November 26, 2011

please don't let me walk away from here

maybe you know what i mean when i say
my extended family is great.
maybe you have a great extended family too.
but i would like to think i am correct when i tell you
my extended family is compiled of some of the 
best people in the world. 

it is an environment of hopefulness
and thankfulness
that we create when we are together
and most especially,
unconditional love.
we have so many many memories 
from when we were first born
until now,
but mostly our connection is found 
in the unbreakable bond that happens
when we are bonded in our blood and Christ's blood. 

and i would do anything for any one of these people,
and the thing is,
i know they would do anything for me too.
i am not afraid that i'm not good enough for them,
because we love unconditionally.
it's what we do.
and once you understand and believe it
you feel it whenever you're with them,
all around you.
unconditional love is powerful stuff.

oh to never have to leave this comfort
of pure, sweet love. 
i am weary of the goodbyes we've had to say,
the goodbyes that have to happen soon,
and every part of me aches and longs to be together
something that will never happen until heaven. 

this longing i think will never end,
and every time we part
more of me inside is sad,
but when we see each other again,
more joy is added to my cup,
so maybe it makes up for it.

oh to never have to walk away from this place
of unconditional love.
it makes me never want to face the world
with all its conditions
and with all its triviality.
here, we know the important things.
we know true love,
and that tears are not evil,
and that laughter is what fills us up,
and that family is forever,
and most of all that we have in common
what is most important to have in common,
and that is Christ. 

i leave tomorrow.
i walk away tomorrow.
normal life calls me
and i do not welcome its voice. 
i would do almost anything right now
to stay here forever,
and to never say goodbye again. 
some things cannot be.
some things cannot be until heaven.

so until then we savor our time here
and we let the sadness of our goodbyes
make us more of who we are meant to be
and we never ever stop loving,
no matter how long we are apart. 


  1. It's like leaving the Mount of Transfiguration and coming back down to the sick and demon possesed.
    Very good :)

  2. yes, exactly. I think you had a blogpost something like that some time ago, and I thought of it when I wrote this.
    thanks :)

  3. This is excellent! Nothing can separate that bond we share in Christ!