Sunday, December 4, 2011

changing seasons

You found it beneath the frozen leaves,
buried in the still of winter
You said, I'll carry this inside forever,
never will I let it go.
I laughed and said, well you can try that,
but I guarantee that melt it won't.

We passed a year of changing seasons,
I smiled to show I'd stayed the same,
I fought to hide my insides reeling,
I won't tell you all I feel is pain.

Then one day when the cold came once more,
you found me curled on the frozen ground.
I cried and you said, it's finally broken,
and heaven dances at the sound.

Do you want it back, he asked me,
my beating heart held out in his hands
I shook my head and told him, keep it,
you won it, you're the one it understands.