Wednesday, February 8, 2012

hole of dreams

As I crawled inside
the hole of dreams that died
they placed on me a blackened gown
and on my head they put a crown.

My eyes adjusted to the dark
and then were blinded by the stark
white holiness from crashing walls,
screaming silent echo calls.

And in a moment dark and grim
I let go of all hope but Him
who finally found me in my own
created fantasy, me all alone.

He told me how my love had lost
and His had won but it would cost
my life and was I ready to die?
for a mad man who gave His life so I

Could win in the hopeless,
find you in my faceless
reality of the dreams that had died
this hole I'm inside

And a stripping away
in the light of the day
what is useless and old
all the dark and the cold

Still in unthinkable
hope that's unsinkable
in love that is sacrifice
a love that will still suffice

And on top of the storm
in untracable form
Sweet breath of wind stir
what love really lives for

We find it in traces
the empty hard places
the grace that has conquered
and it conquers us still.

1 comment:

  1. Nice writing Londa! This one really hit home for me.