Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It all happened so fast
I didn't have a chance to think
Without a backward glance
without a moment's time to blink
I'm caught breathless, unawares,
In all your silent beauty
this beauty just a whisper
and they don't know how much you meant to me.

Catch my breath again
step back to reality's haze,
when the sky and I cried for you
I lost my breath again in the maze
The maze of hopeless wonder
where a thousand memories
that never even happened
haunt me with a frozen breeze.

Still I cried for you,
In a violent lost hope's whisper
And still I am a bit afraid
That I've become a hopeless drifter.
In many years they may forget,
And without you now I see,
as I start to lose my own control,
Just how fragile this world can seem to be.

I'll cross the gull-crying sea
For a whole new different world
With all you've ever taught me,
Secrets ever here for me to hold,
Building a hundred dream bridges,
Always breaking down stubborn soul walls
And inside this happy heart
Live all my lonely echo calls.

1 comment:

  1. I admit this isn't all my own original work--I pulled some lines from Katie Melua's song I Cried For You. Fraid I can't accept much credit for this one. :)