Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Give me a chance
and I'll take it
Throw me a wish
and I'll make it.
Just when I thought
I had it together
comes a quick rain shower and
my heart's under the weather.

I weep till I cleanse
every pore of my soul, all the
dust covered heartaches,
till fragments are whole.
I calculate joy
and then add in my sorrow
don't worry; it happens,
and we'll cry more tomorrow.

A flight in the nighttime
to dream's darkened shore
awake in our nightmare
till sleep is no more.
These fleeting past treasures
wash away our forever
I've given up anchor
fear-chains I can't sever.

My head fought my heart and
at once lost the battle
the end left me breathless,
every bone in me rattled.
So what do you ask for?
at this my lonely hearing;
strength's not what I'm made of,
my soul's wretched and fearing.

So broken in waiting
for brightness of morning,
with wings of an eagle
we rise and I'm soaring.
In waiting we break
in the sorrows we capture,
don't worry; it happens,
one day you'll find laughter.

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