Wednesday, May 23, 2012

earth has no sorrows heaven cannot heal

we are waiting in and holding onto silence
and just a whisper of a voice leads us to believe
that amid the hurt and pain and sorrow
these hearts, broken inside us, love is working to retrieve.

and in our wilderness wandering
we ask over and over, just, why?
that voice again, says, watch, and listen,
learn to live before you die.

our wasted hopes and dreams
lie washed out in the light
the dust of forgotten memories
is swept away, out of sight.

in our endless search for happiness
we find an unexpected sorrow,
as we look to change our yesterday
and wait for hope from our tomorrow.

our days are too short to waste these precious breaths,
don't relive all the hurt and hate and strife.
don't let go of all you've been given,
take hold with love this wildly precious life.

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