Wednesday, July 4, 2012

on our own

finding faces in the Fire, reflections in Glass, we sang a song called Hope and whispered a poem named Love and then knew we had too much positivity so Loss seeped in and we wondered how much we could bear.

your heart bled for a hundred years before Winter turned to Spring and you watched flowers bloom, then fade, and wondered how much this world held in store.

i cried for a lifetime of sunsets, watching gold fade to grey and then fade away and birds flew home but i was on my own and you were too and we pretended that was fine but we were wrong.

we wrote letters to no one and said they weren't for you or me but we were wrong again.

we whispered to the wind that we were sorry but in the end the wind can't change a thing. and we can't change it either.

not on our own.

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  1. I ache inside. This is so beautiful and colorful.