Thursday, July 5, 2012

there comes a point and time and place in your life, and probably -hopefully- it will happen more than once, but everything, stark and honest and sometimes very bleak, in that moment, becomes clear. it's a clear sky, and maybe it's a grey one, maybe it's even black, but for the moment, gratefulness floods that it is just not cloudy tonight. it is a clear road, and maybe if the end of the tunnel is so very far away, at least you can see it, you know?

i'm not saying it is the height of optimism. i don't even know if it can technically be labelled joy. i think it is sadness. a very deep sadness, at that. but sorrow does not always leave the heart stumbling and reeling in shadow, and if your head's still up, take a look at the sky and look for a wandering star. hope is always there for the finding. and sadness is a whole big giant step from despair.

never ever ever give up. ever.

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