Friday, July 6, 2012


You were gracefully sprawled across the couch in your soft white shirt and your polka dotted blue skirt. Your hair was shining clean and all pulled back.
But when I watched you smile that half real smile I saw a world within you that no one else could see and I wondered how the world would react to such heart broken beauty.
I wish you knew, when you are lonely and lost, the astonishing light of your own being. In the midst of your heartbreak's merciless breaking of you, your smiles shine realer and happier than ever before. Is it because you trust in a higher plan? Because you hope for another dream to spark? Or is it those but most especially the ever burning presence of that larger and brighter anchor called love?

And after you cried and while you were still crying you became a hopeless drifter, because you lost the earthly object dearest to you. But in the middle of this sinking ship, I still believe in anchors. And in the middle of this crashing storm, I still believe in saviors.

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