Wednesday, September 5, 2012

explosions from the sky

if i could tell you what it means right now
to watch this explosion from the sky
where our hearts run past each other
every misunderstood truth or lie
when we found out that the other one
was caring all too much
meanwhile we are flying past
with other plans and such,

but if i tried to tell you
how it feels from this end over
and how the pain of what it looks like
sends me reeling under;
well, we care too much about ourselves, my friend,
and in our care we lost our sight
and all our care too much for one another we
lost so quickly, this dark night.

i don't have the words to explain
my heart has burned out from your fire
my soul tells me never to lose you
but my head has lost all its desire.
i never asked for it to be this way
but now it's here and i can't change it
and in our next step--i pray, together--
we will learn how to remember and forget.

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