Monday, September 24, 2012

sometimes it's ourselves we need to lose in the sea

A broken flask
with its wine all drunk
intoxicated sailors
reeling from a ship that's sunk.
In our desperate situation
we hide behind lies
in our fear of what's before us
we cover our eyes.
The greyness of the ocean
stretches out before us
whispering the stories
of a sea that's shoreless.

But if you'll listen past the breaking
of the wave upon wave
you'll know this isn't over,
there is hope to save.

One hundred screaming gulls
cry out, 'come back home now'
with all your strength you muster
'I don't understand how.'

The breaking of a wave
can't explain the whole sea
And just one forgotten sailor
isn't who you're meant to be.
But whatever we find
like a you or a me,
it's always ourselves
that we lose in the sea.

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