Wednesday, November 28, 2012

crushes of heaven

were waiting at
the edge of
a cliff.
the air you breathe
is like crashing
waves of
but all it feels like

and if you can't taste that saltiness
in your mouth
when she mentions the open
wounds that bleed
when no one's around
to see them
then you just wouldn't know.

but i can taste it,
oh beloved,
oh storm-tossed,
oh afflicted,
oh so uncomforted
and i am bleeding as much in pain
as i am bleeding to fix you.

i want to whisper
you're not alone
but too often i have felt it
and it too often feels like
i am alone.

but this is not the end and you are not alone in this.
and this chilly fog will lift and we will find our
clear hindsighted vision showing us how much
we have yet to learn in these fleeting days.

[Isaiah 54:11]

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