Thursday, April 29, 2010

I was lying in a pit. The pit was dark, deep, and slimy. I was wretched, filthy, miserable, and completely guilty. I realized later I had dug the pit myself by my sin and filth. I was dirty and my clothes were torn. I was nothing.
Then, out of the darkness came a piercing light. A light so bright it hurt me, but I couldn't pull my eyes away. The light made me more painfully aware of my dirtiness and filth. Ashamed, and half naked, I tried to hide. I shrank further into the corner of the pit, pushing my way deeper and deeper. But the light kept coming.
Out of the light stepped a King. I knew He was a King because His face was majestic but kind, powerful but loving. The way real Kings are. After a moment I realized He was the light. The light was coming from Him, streaming from His face, His beautiful eyes, and His pure white clothing.
He came near to me, and knelt beside me. He wiped the dirt from my face with His hands. He looked deep into my eyes- eyes full of hurt and shame, and He wept for me. His tears poured over me and washed away my filth.
Then He swept me up in His arms, arms that were stronger than the pain, but gentle and loving. He carried me to His palace and dressed me in a pure white gown, and He told me I was wearing His righteousness. He gave me a new name, and He told me He loved me. He took me to a table spread with food and seated me at His side, along with hundreds of others who were also at His side. He told us we were His children, that He had loved us forever, and His love would last for eternity.
Then He gave me a crown, and called me His princess. Just because He loved me.


  1. A well-thought, powerful reminder of amazing grace. Keep it up, cuz :)

  2. Very nice. Keep up the good work. :)

  3. Thanks very much, Seth and Jessica!