Saturday, May 1, 2010

Things are clearer in the morning

I'm thankful for God's mercies that are new every morning. Decisions that have to be made, or small trials coming up in my life always seem easier to decide, and smaller than ever, when I wake to a new day and am given a fresh reminder of Who's holding the universe in His hand. I'm naturally somewhat of a night owl, but I must say, things are always so much brighter, early in the morning.
In ten days, I'll be fifteen. In some ways, that seems very old. But, in other ways, it feels so very young. However, I have high expectations for the coming year of my life. Things are going to happen to me when I'm fifteen, that have never happened to me before.
When I feel like giving up, God always at some point, gives me a reminder of what life is really for. To glorify and enjoy Him. And that means enjoying the life He's given us; living life to it's fullest. There are many things I long for, but what's most important right now, is right now. Living my life now for God. I can't wait until 'later' to enjoy God fully... it has to start now.
I don't know exactly what the coming year holds, probably many good things, and probably some bad along with the good. But whatever it holds, I want to enjoy it, because I'll never be fifteen again.

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