Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Duck, duck, duck, duck...

GOOSE! Whoops. I'm the goose...again.
Sometimes, being a failure isn't so bad. It definitely has some good things about it. For instance, when we realize we're a failure, it breaks down our pride. I must say, I don't like feeling like a failure ALL the time, but there are certainly times when it's good for me.
Some people are always telling me to be more content with the way God made me. I suppose they're right. But God didn't make me sinful. I guess a healthy self-confidence is good, but if life is about striving for something greater than what we'll ever be, should we ever be completely satisfied with ourselves?
In a lot of ways, life is all about perspective. You could ask what the point is in trying to perfect our perspective, if we aren't perfect, and never will be perfect in this life. But I think sometimes, it really is the thought that counts. God calls us to give Him our best- which is never perfect, but we still have to give our all.
But wishing, or long for things doesn't make us better people. Ambitions and goals don't make us better than we are. We have to act. And strive. We might never live up to our own expectations, but we still have to try. Of course, it's all by God's grace. All by grace.

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