Friday, August 13, 2010


"Lydia, oh Lydia! Say have you met Lydia?..."

If you have not met Lydia, I pity you from the bottom of my heart. Lydia is one of my most favorite people in the whole world.

Lydia is very smart, but never acts aloof or pretends to be better than anyone else. She is so ready and able to get down to anyone's level, and make them feel important.
Lydia is very beautiful on the surface, and once you get to know her, she becomes ten times more lovely.
Lydia has a wonderful way of leading others, without making them feel like they're copying her, or simply doing what she's doing. She places a certain confidence in people- making them unafraid to be who and what they are.
Lydia is daring and adventurous and without being forceful, she helps you become daring and adventurous too.
Lydia is the girl who cooks in the kitchen, and who would build a fire in the woods. She's the girl who makes homemade eyeshadow in the kitchen, and who crawls through endless damp dark culverts and swims under logs in the creek. She's the girl who dances to Regina Spektor in the living room, and who climbs up the side of the house to sit on the roof. She's the girl who takes a stroll through flower gardens in her sunday best, and who rides horses for hours.
Lydia is fearlessly feminine, but is also one of the toughest girls you'll ever meet.
Lydia and I can laugh for hours at the silliest joke or memory. We can also have long deep conversations about brothers, boys, opinions, our future, our past, our walk with God, and our daily struggles. Lydia is wonderful to watch movies with, to read books with, to cook with, to sing with, to pray with, to talk with, and just to be with.

So if you read this, Lydia, I'm not writing it to make you full of yourself. I trust you to give all the glory to God, because that's the best thing about you- you seek to put God first and make Him your aim.
I'm writing it because I know if I don't I'll regret it later. I love you and everything about you. Just by being you, you help me reach new heights. You help me see where I'm succeeding and where I need to grow. But most of all, you help me see God. As you continue to grow, and as I continue to grow, I hope our friendship grows even faster than we do. I love you!

: )


  1. Your ability to offer such honest compliments says a good deal about you as well. Not everyone who has met Lydia has appreciated her in the same way I'm sure. Recognizing what a great example she is is the first step towards becoming more like her yourself.

  2. I cannot get over the last picture. Lydia's eyes are ADORABLE! Your eyes are so funny too and your cute nose.
    I love you!

  3. Yes, I liked that last one too! Love you back!