Saturday, July 24, 2010

"My Child, Begin Again!"

When God calls and calls to us to remember His name, and we refuse to listen, that's not always the end of the story. Sometimes He takes severe measures and throws everything in life on top of us at once, till we're so overwhelmed we can't stand the thought of living. But He never ever does that without sustaining us with His Holy Spirit.
Today was so rough. I had given up on myself, on my family, and worst of all, on my King. But He gave me tears to cry, and cried and sobbed with me, and His tears melted mine to nothing and made me clean.
Slowly but fast: Gradually but all at once, He filled me full of His Spirit, His strength, and His love. Even though I wouldn't ask Him, He gave it anyway. I refused to knock, but He opened just the same. His face was not reproachful, nor unforgiving; instead a smile shone brightly in His eyes. He opened His arms wide and said, His voice overflowing with forgiveness and love, "My Child, begin again!"

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