Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Broken Rose

Weeping for the broken rose,
her bloom and luster gone;
Her petals turned toward the ground,
She hides her face at dawn.

Remembering the broken rose,
Before her petals were torn;
Her pinkish hue, her open flower,
And yet lonely and forlorn.

How can she find, this broken rose,
the love which she must yearn for,
If we won't stoop to feel her pain,
or if we thoughtlessly ignore her?

I love the dear yet broken rose,
and miss her lovely smile,
Her gentle petals are drooping;
My heart breaks to watch them fall.

The King looks at his broken rose,
and drops his precious tears.
Like rain, his grace must on her fall,
to take away her fears. 

The Son shines on this broken rose,
His light will surely soften
Her broken heart which she seeks
so hard to turn and harden.

Hoping for the broken rose,
that Love will finally find her,
and bring her to her fellow flowers,
tenderly and gently bind her. 


  1. This is amazing!! I absolutely love it! This is probably my favorite of all your poems, maybe even my favorite poem I've ever read!

  2. Wow, thanks! This was different than the other poems I've written; most of what I write just comes out and then I have to decipher it. This I had to work at, and it took a lot of thinking, although the main idea had been running through my head all morning. I'm so glad you liked it! : )

  3. This is so beautiful!! It made me cry!! <3 So powerful - Im writing it on my mirror. :)

  4. If you dont mind that is... :)

  5. aww, that's so sweet, Bekah. I don't mind at all. I wrote this about the girl from church I mentioned in my last email, Bekah. Her middle name is Rose.

  6. ah, yes. Well you wrote masterfully. :) I absolutely loved it. Still praying for her by the by.

  7. This is awesome. I loved it. Stop saying you are not a writer. ;)