Friday, October 8, 2010

God's girl

I am beautiful. I am special. I can do great things.

Not because of how I look. Not because of how I act. Not because of anything I've done, or ever will do.

It's only because of whose girl I am. I am God's girl. I'm his princess.

My beauty isn't in my looks -- it's in Christ who gave me life.

I am special simply because it's God who made me His.

And I can do great things because Jesus lives inside of me.

So my self-esteem shouldn't depend on what I see on the surface in the mirror. And it shouldn't depend on what others might say about me -- whether what they say is true or not. All it should depend on is the fact that I'm a princess -- and since I'm always God's princess I should always feel pretty. I should always feel special. And I should always be confident I can do great things -- because He lives in me.

I'm proud to be your princess.