Thursday, November 4, 2010

As I mentioned in my last post, my cousins are some of my favorite people. And where would these cousins be if I had no aunts? I am grateful to God for not only giving me aunts in order that I could have amazing cousins, but for giving me simply amazing aunts!

My dad has no sisters, so the aunts I have on that side are not related to me by blood. In spite of that fact,  I would never think for an instant that they aren't 'family'. Aunt Jenny is quiet, kind, funny, and she loves God with a quiet, but deep passionate love. Aunt Jenn is really good at making me feel like I am totally at her level, and is a very courageous woman. She remains so steadfast and faithful in her love for God and her family even through the many ups and downs of life. I admire and love them both so much.

On my mom's side of the family, I have four aunts. Aunt Priscilla is my mom's oldest sister, and is probably the closest thing I have to a second mom. She is an amazing woman, and it would most likely take several blog posts to sufficiently describe her. I pray that someday if I'm a mom that I will be at least a little like her. Aunt Mary is my mom's younger sister. I don't know her quite as well as I know Aunt Priscilla, and not nearly as well as I should like. I do know that I take after her in some ways, and my mom sometimes finds herself calling me Mary. She is very fun to talk to, and I have many wonderful memories of visiting her and her family, both when I was younger, and in the more recent years. Aunt Sue is my mom's sister-in-law. She is another one who I don't know nearly as well as I wish I did, but admire immensely. She is one of the neatest women I know; and has such a gracious and beautiful spirit. The (unfortunately, few) times we have spent together are some of my fondest memories. Aunt Laurel is also my mom's sister-in-law. She is probably one of the funniest people I know; with a very fun, dry sense of humor. One of my greatest memories of her is having a scrapbooking party with her and my cousin Leah. (Aunt Laurel makes fabulous, note cards, by the way).

These women are strong, loving, and beautiful. They love God with their whole hearts, and give their love so generously to all whom they meet. They have blessed me in so many ways, and continue to shape my life both by their sweet words to me, and by their godly example.

Thank you, Jesus, for pouring your grace into these amazing women. Keep making them beautiful.

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