Saturday, November 6, 2010

If you read my last post, you got a little picture of just how wonderful my aunts are. Now I'll give you a snapshot of my uncles as well.

My dad has three brothers, who are each a lot like my dad, but very different in their own ways. Uncle Tim is crazy, fun, and awesome. He is so much fun to play board games with; he makes watching movies that might normally be weird, hilariously funny, and he loves the outdoors. What I admire most about him is his quiet, simple but deep love for God. Uncle Dan is next in order of age. I don't know him as well as my dad's other two brothers, but I have a clear memory of several years ago, sitting next to him in church and he shared his hymnal with me and I remember how nice his voice was and how kind he was to share with me. In him I see the same quiet strength that is in my dad and all his brothers. Uncle Bill is one of the coolest people I know. He is my only 'bachelor uncle', and he is the ideal uncle. I have lots of presents that he gave to me over the years, and he loves to give his nephews and nieces all sorts of interesting and fun gifts. All of my dad's brothers are really cool guys, and I especially love to see all of them together.

My mom has two brothers, and two brother-in-laws. Uncle Dan is her oldest brother (yes, I have two Uncle Dan's). I know few people who are as gracious and caring as he is. He is also very funny, and loves to tell jokes. It is really neat to watch him interact with people -- he has a very wonderful way of communicating, and always spreading God's love to others. Uncle Bill (yes, I also have two Uncle Bill's) is my mom's younger brother. He, like his dear wife, Aunt Laurel, is an extremely funny person. He is also sweet, and a very interesting person to talk to. Although our times together have been far too few, I remember spending the night at his and Aunt Laurel's house with some of my siblings and cousins, and it being one of my favorite memories. Uncle Len is my mom's brother-in-law. He is amazing. I have met and observed only a very few men who are as interested in the goings-on of his kids as well as other people; Uncle Len never seems to tire of putting others before himself. His perspective on life and work are ones I seek to adapt for myself. Uncle Logan I unfortunately don't know as well as my other uncles, but I recently had the privilege of getting to know him better during a visit from them to our house. I love listening to him talk -- he has such an interesting and different way of expressing and explaining ideas or concepts. He is also very funny, and it is so fun to hear him tell stories.

I am so blessed to be surrounded by these wise, caring, funny, and godly men. Thank you, God. Keep giving them your strength.


  1. I haven't met many of these people but I must say I love those that I have met - esp. mr. Dorman. lols

  2. Uncle Len is one of my favorite people. He's pretty awesome. : )