Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's Tuesday

I love Tuesday. Tuesday means choir practice, then babysitting the sibs (which, usually, is very fun), and it's movie night for 'the older kids'. Tonight we're watching the 4th Harry Potter movie (those of you who might be inclined to wonder at that, I plan to discuss them later).

But what I'm especially thankful for today is choir. It's my first year, although I could've gone last year. Last year I was not the least bit interested; I wanted singing combined with theatre, not just singing. But for some reason, I felt like this year I should do it. I don't know exactly why I decided to... I guess I realized it could turn out to be a wonderful memory I'd have when I was older.
This year there is a new director. I met her when I auditioned to be in choir, and knew immediately that I would love choir if for no other reason than simply because she is the director. She is simply amazing. Her passion and energy are so inspiring to me; her joy in simply living, and the ability she has to 'let music touch her soul' is very impressive to me. She makes rehearsal worth every minute of it. Not only has she taught me how to sing, she's taught me how to hear the music and see the Creator of all music. She's taught me how to feel the power that He plays through each note.
She also has an amazing father. He is directing the Handel piece we're singing. If it were possible, I would say his energy even surpasses his daughter's. Whenever we finish a song, and we clap for him, he simply raises his hands in the air and points to God. He has a spiritual lesson for every aspect of music, and I'm learning as much about God each week as I am about music, if not more.

However, I might not be inclined to come back to choir next year, were it not for the alto next to me. I hardly know her, because we only see each other during rehearsal, and we don't talk much then, but I love her. Her sweet, bubbly and infectious spirit touches me each week, and lifts my own spirits. She has a clear lovely voice that matches her personality, and her joy in each aspect of choir is inspiring and encouraging. She makes choir, which would normally be rather lonely, something I look forward to each week.

I'm sure none of the wonderful people that I speak of here read this blog. I'm quite certain they don't even know I have a blog. But I need to tell God how grateful I am for putting these people in my life. I may never have contact with them outside of or beyond choir rehearsals and concerts. But they have touched me in a large wonderful way, and I am blessed by them.

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