Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I know that in reality, as christians, we always have a reason to laugh. Because of our Saviour. Because of what Jesus did. But that just makes me all the more grateful that God gives us other reasons to laugh as well.

Laughter is a music all its own. If you haven't checked out our family's blog, here is a link to it. My brother recently wrote a post on laughter. I'm not going to try to explain why laughter is a beautiful thing; I think all who have experienced it know how wonderful it is.

Tonight was a night of laughter. Squashed on the couch with my brothers, dad and uncle cousin Scott. Listening to four different conversations at once. Letting the Georgia mountain wind blow our hair. Eating pizza and apple pie. Cheering and clapping when Uncle Bill and cousin Scott arrive. Tickling Jack. Hugging Annalise. Laying out sleeping bags on the floor in the basement. Talking about movies with the little cousins.

Sometimes it causes outward laughter. Sometimes you want to roll on the floor. But sometimes it's just laughter inside. And it's beautiful because everyone is laughing. Everyone is laughing together.

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  1. Laughter really brings people together. Sometimes it will be sorrow, but sometimes laughing together brings people together. I love laughter. :)