Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Like I said at the beginning of my 'thanksgiving posts', the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of November is Thanksgiving day. For us, that involves not just delicious food, but amazing times with my dad's family. We always get together with my grandparents, and Uncle Bill is always there. Most years, we also get together with Uncle Tim's family, but for many years, Uncle Dan and his family have not been able to join us because of being tied down with work. This year, Uncle Tim's family is somewhere else, and we're at Uncle Dan's house.

Their house is beautiful, and I am so thankful for their sweet and loving hospitality. Right now, I can smell turkey, ham, and the candied sweet potatoes Grandma is cooking. The morning was filled with talking and games; Zachariah, Aunt Jenn, Uncle Bill and I played Qwerkle, we played I Doubt It, and Mafia with my dad and Uncle Bill. We went on a walk and I fed the mules with Jack.

The Georgia mountains are gorgeous, and the weather right now is amazing. The air is cool, and when the wind blows I can just feel God's pleasure.

Earlier, some boys were sword fighting out on the deck, while others were having an archery contest with Uncle Bill. Geneva and Annalise have not stopped playing princesses since we arrived. They are so cute together. Geneva is having so much fun playing older sister.

This is my favorite time of the year... the weather is perfect, and I am so incredibly blessed with an amazing extended family. I am thankful for a day, a whole part of the year that is devoted to this feeling of thankfulness. Pretty soon, we'll have our Thanksgiving feast. I don't know what we'll do afterwards; probably sing some, and maybe play our traditional 'family game.'

I'm feeling so overwhelmed. So overwhelmed by love.

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  1. Sounds splendid. :) I enjoyed peeking in on your Thanksgiving celebration.