Friday, November 26, 2010


Today we had a 'thankful time'. We sang some Thanksgiving hymns, and everyone shared one, or two, things they were thankful for. Then we had a time of prayer. I tried to keep mine short, though as I started talking, I realized I could've gone on and on, just counting all my blessings.

Some spoke of good things they had been blessed with in the past year, while others spoke of the hard things that had happened through which they had been blessed as much or more.

I came close to crying several times. To hear Grandma speak with tears in her eyes of how overwhelming the joy is to her to see all the children and grandchildren together. To watch Grandpa with tears coming down his cheeks as he tells of how much he is reminded of Christ's goodness and sufficiency. Or to listen to my eight year old brother who can hardly speak for the emotion in his voice telling how thankful he is for christian relatives. That's beautiful. That's real cause for tears.

I know in God says in heaven that there will be no more tears. But these kind of tears are not the kind that will be gone in heaven. Will we cry tears of joy in heaven? I can't say for sure. But I do know that I am incredibly blessed by them in this life.

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