Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I wrote this a while ago... I just was thinking tonight how thankful I am for the gift of poetry. It can often say so much more than something in essay, or even in story form, and it is such a beautiful way to express feelings. I often tend to start writing depressing poems, but almost always end up finishing them with hope. I guess I can't escape the hope that's been given me, even when I'm feeling sad and writing depressing poems. : ) Another beautiful thing about poetry is the fact that God loves to write it. He is not only a powerful God, he is a beautifully poetic God. Thanks, God, for this beautiful gift.

A blinding flash of light
you didn't know existed --
A burning, searing pain,
grabbed your mind and twisted,
Your dreams became your nightmares,
your future became your past,
You lost your quest for living,
and fell behind the last.

You thought a wish could last a lifetime,
you wished a thought would change your life.
You suddenly realized all you were losing,
and regret stabbed your heart like a knife.

A blinding flash of light
you didn't know existed --
A burning, searing joy,
grabbed your mind and insisted,
He bought your life with his own death,
your body blessed while his was cursed,
He died for life's first living,
and last became the first.


  1. You should publish a book of poetry. I'd be the first to buy it! I love this poem. :)

  2. This is an awesome poem. Apparently you've been writing good poetry for a while now. I like the uniqueness of this one in terms of style.

  3. Wow, thanks guys! I wasn't very happy with it when I wrote it, and thought about saying something about not liking it, but I didn't want to appear to be fishing for compliments. : ) Turns out I was blessed by not doing that. You guys are one of the reasons I keep writing poetry. : )

  4. Don't stop writing poetry! God has given you a gift, keep cultivating it and using it for His glory. : )