Sunday, November 7, 2010


Time is short today, so I am reposting something I wrote earlier in the year. 

Do you ever think to thank God for stories? You should. Because, if you think about it, our whole life is a story, and everything that happens, is a story of sorts.
I finished a chapter in Lord of the Rings yesterday, and I closed the book and looked at it from the side, so I could see all the pages together. I was kind of shocked by the fact that in those pages, not in a large open space, not in the world, but in those pages, is something that makes people laugh, and cry, and inspires movies, and changes people's whole way of thinking.
Then, last night, I was looking at my Bible on it's side, so I could see all the pages together. In those pages is something that makes us laugh, because we rejoice, makes us cry, because we're convicted and overwhelmed by God, and changes our whole way of thinking. It changes our life. Because it's the story of our redemption.
I also realized that most of my emotions come from stories. Books, movies, stories I hear, stories I tell, and stories that are in my head that I won't ever tell. I'm constantly imagining stories- whether they're completely made up, or things I wish would happen to me, my life revolves around stories. Actually, it makes sense for my life to revolve around stories because my lifeis a story. The story of Princess Londa and her Father the King who created the whole universe and holds the babies in His gentle, loving arms. That's my favorite story. That's the one I want to hear again and again. Our life revolves around stories because our life is a story. Thanks, God, for stories.

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