Thursday, January 27, 2011

For my father

In all the days I've lived with you,
every day up till now;
you've always been there to pull me through,
been there to show me how.

A wiser one could not be found,
you show me my mistakes.
Understanding and kindness is your sound,
you call me 'dear' through all my aches.

Longer ago than a yesteryear, 
you built me a princess bed.
You sheltered me from all my fears,
in my worried decisions, you led. 

My dreams you took and made them fly,
you aren't afraid to let me go.
Encouraged me to always try,
taught me to let my wishes grow.

Showing me through your own amusement,
the biggest joke is always me.
Frustration pushes me to vent,
You tell me to laugh and let my worries flee.

Seeing you pursue life in all its fullest,
with you as my role model,
you taught me to live in light truest and purest;
 the little things, to let their beauty sparkle.

In my dress, and you in your Robin Hood tunic,
Singing Phantom of the Opera,
Hearing you call me 'my angel of music',
surviving together all of life's drama.

Watching films and playing board games,
teaching me to live my vision,
through real life, and escapes of fantasy,
you showed me life had just begun.

My love for you is nothing like it should be,
for all that you've in patience been,
in all my imperfection you've still loved me
as every daughter would ever dream.

So all the times we've shared together,
will be nothing like eternity,
when loving, living, dancing forever,
our King's face we shall see.

I love you. <3

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