Saturday, January 29, 2011

The walls of my room...

In a facebook discussion recently, someone said that what's on our walls (and he was speaking both of facebook 'walls' though more especially our bedroom walls) comes directly from our hearts. I don't think that's always true all the way across the board, but it made me go look at my walls again.

This is not a theological discussion, or a sermon, or a lecture. It's just an observation of my own wall.

With your first step inside the doorway to my room, you see my Celtic Thunder calendar hanging on my door. For those of you who did not know, if there is anything besides God that I'm obsessed with, and actually there are a lot of things, it is Celtic Thunder. Their music makes me feel great no matter what mood I am in, and I love watching them sing. January's page has pictures of the drummers, along with the quote from the show:
"Out of the mists of time it comes,
older than the oldest rhyme it comes,
coursing through our veins it comes,
pulsing in our brains it comes,
the pure and timeless sound of... drums!"

Next to the calendar is a poster from the Shakespeare play, Much Ado About Nothing, that I performed in last year. Along with that is the program from that show, with all my fellow actor's signatures. It's very nostalgic.

My wall is covered with purple cloud wallpaper, and I have butterfly stickers scattered randomly across it. If I picked wallpaper now, I would do something different. Maybe something off-the-wall (pardon the pun) and sort of unusually artsy. It would have to be something that could easily adapt to my constantly changing moods. :) But I chose the cloud wallpaper when I was about 10, and at that point that was what I liked at that time, and it's not like I'm going to be at home for very much longer, so I'm content.

In one corner of my room, I have a shelf with a combination of picture frames; one with a picture of each of my brothers in a different space; one with a family photo in it; and one with pictures of my sister and me. I like to call it 'the family corner'. The large frame with each of my brother's pictures, I call 'the brothers frame'.

Across from 'the family corner', I have my dresser which has an excessively large mirror which is plenty wide, but not nearly tall enough for me. So when I'm doing my hair, which is generally what I use the mirror most for, I have to bend down to see. I'm thinking about getting a full length mirror, but in that case I would have to replace my dresser, so that's not right away. All around the edges of the mirror are quotes on cards. Some of them are scripture verses that have been particularly comforting in various situations and times in my life. Most of them are quotes I've seen online or elsewhere, or song lyrics.

The headboard above my four-poster bed is covered in photos from my past. Some are from the near past, others are from years and years ago. There are pictures of my friends, cousins, me, and my family. I love memories, and when I look at these old photos, waves of nostalgia do their best to drown me as I remember birthday parties, dress-up clothes, games and the way life used to be.

If I were not myself, if I were a stranger, walking into my room for the first time here is what I would assume about myself (me not being myself, of course). First I would realize that I must love Celtic Thunder. I would assume that not only from the fact that I have a calendar of them, but also because the calendar does not look professional enough to have been a purchased calendar, so I cared enough about them to make a calendar myself (again, me not being myself). Looking at both the Shakespeare poster and program, I would think that if not an actress, I at least had acted in one play. And as I came further in the room, seeing my somewhat odd style of decoration, I would probably guess I was a theatre geek. I would see the charcoal drawings on the wall and either assume that I have a friend who likes to draw and likes to give me her drawings, or that I am at least somewhat of an artist. I would see from 'the family corner' that I love my family, as well as the fact that I've got a stinkin' good looking family. Studying the cards on my mirror, I would decide that I not only have the most beautiful King as my role model, but also that I had been through some hard times in the past and that he had been my comfort. Lastly, from looking at the photos covering my headboard, I would see that my childhood had been a blessed and happy one, and that I love memories and nostalgia.

Everything that I guessed about myself is true. I love God, my family, Celtic Thunder, acting, artistic pursuits (as in, not just drawing), photos, memories, and randominity. And it's also true about my childhood... though technically I'm not out of it yet... I have had a good one.

May my walls always be lovely, pure, and reflective of the truth inside of me. And may they always be open to new ideas, loves and interests. I think that this life is a good one when I choose the right over the easy. And I love my walls.


  1. You forgot somthing from your list. a great role model as far as intrests, ideas, and relationship with her Father...

    It is definitely pink marble wall paper,by the way

  2. oh, my dear Lydia. You never cease to encourage, amaze and give me something to smile about.

    I had actually thought about mentioning the pink marble wall paper, but decided against it. that is one good reason to have the wallpaper I chose! I'll never forget your first impression of it. :)

    I did forget to mention the Lord of the Rings valentine's -- one from my cousin, and another from my cousin, though it was to my little brother, and a few others from other random places. As well as my Eowyn bookmark. I am pretty sure LotR is higher in my mind than Celtic Thunder. :)