Sunday, January 30, 2011

During the night I fast and I weep
but not for my own soul to keep,
If a lost heart had an answer good,
maybe fearless I'd be to eat your food.

Dreaming alone I can see the day,
a corpse of tomorrow, all wasted away.
With blood so red for white to purge,
inside my head the words still scourge.

Broken and lonely on an empty page,
My script's been lost, yet I stand on the stage.
A chance for all of my life to fill,
instead all I find is a heart to kill.

Burning bright like a once lit fire,
Hoping somehow to find past desire.
Grey is the cloud that will meet the black sea
And I lose sight of all I'd ever hoped to be.

A glimpse of the past from yesterday's book,
lightening and thunder my lonely soul shook.
To forget is impossible, my only hope is to heal;
when you've lost emotion your only prayer is to feel.

Gently, please gently, just hold me close now,
I want to try once again, but I'm not sure yet how.
In all of my blindness my only desire's to fight,
Close my eyes to those lies, and give back my sight.

First hope on these wings, dressed in pure white,
My hand held by another, caught in eyes of light.
For this love to survive, I survived love's first wound,
after the pain the song's the only sound.

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