Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Content to have your love alone,
though other's love is often shown,
I'm willing to have you take theirs away,
If only your hand will with me stay.

Content to have your peace be mine –
yours the only perfect peace of mind,
To be fulfilled, though my tears may fall,
Your mirror of love will hold them all.

Content to have all my dreams shattered,
even if it means my heart is tattered,
If that's really how you've got it all planned,
I trust you to hold my heart in your hand.

Content to ride the high and stormy wind,
to search and look in hope but never find,
When you tell me to look in your eyes,
I look beyond and my spirit flies.

Content to be completely lost,
To only know how much it cost
When you gave your life to set me free,
Let me lost in you completely be.

Content to wait and let you lead,
when you supply my every need,
When it seems you're taking too long,
Give me your patience and help me be strong.

Content to give away the heart within me,
to close these eyes that make me see,
Open them up to see your love,
Set my heart on fire with sparks from above.

And when I've forgotten all the things I said,
When tired, desperate tears I've shed,
Remind me, show me your perfect light,
Make me content through life's dark night.