Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not just to be loved,
but to love.

Not just to see beauty,
but to be beautiful.

Not just to hear the song,
but to sing.

Not just to watch the dance,
but to join in.

Not just to see the star,
but to wish upon it.

Not just to stand beside,
but to fight.

Not just to feel the joy,
but to laugh.

Not just to weep,
but to ache.

Not just to know the Prince,
but to be the princess.


  1. I like the ones you write best. The thoughts that come into your head amaze me as they flow into poetry. You capture my own joy better than I could.

  2. Not just to read,
    but to comment.

    hahahaha. :)

    Thanks muchly, brotha. <3