Sunday, January 16, 2011


They're such odd creatures, really. Each one is so different from the other, and yet, inside, we've all got a mind, though some minds don't work the same as others, we've all got a heart, though some don't feel as keenly as others, we've all got a soul, though some will be saved and some will not.

It's hard to understand people -- hard to understand other people because we so rarely completely understand ourselves. Most of the time, it's hard to know what they're feeling inside, because so often we hide ourselves with a facade of 'fineness'.

Sometimes, you can't see that their eyes are red from crying until you're up close. Sometimes you walk right past them and don't notice their sparkle. You've gotta see their red eyes and know that then is the time to give them a hug; often there's nothing more to do, and often it's the best thing to do. You've gotta see their sparkle, and find out what lights it, so you can help them sparkle even more. I believe that they've all got a sparkle inside of them, but sometimes it's hard to see it, and sometimes, it's never going to come out.

He cares for us. He gives us a hug when our eyes are red. And he gives us our sparkle. So why can't we seek to do the same?

Sometimes it's hard to care. It doesn't feel important enough. Then we have to choose between what is easy, and what is right.

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