Thursday, March 17, 2011


It only takes a minute, just a spark of anger in a tiny blink of time. Then a lot of us are yelling, and some of us are crying, and everyone feels hurt and broken inside. It only takes a word, just one tiny word, which when said, the peace is shattered, and the rage within the moment makes it feel like all is wrong.

And while everyone's still shouting, and the hearts, though hidden from view, are aching, and the tears inside still flowing, the youngest one hops around on his imaginary horse, fighting the imaginary dragons we all wish were the ones we had to fight.

And in that one moment, and the moments following it when it feels like that pain won't ever leave you, you wonder why the grief has to come this way – through anger and thoughtless words.

When the tears have been completely shed, and the hurt and grief begin to leave your head, still only one thing is needed. It's not easy to ask for and sometimes even harder to accept, but it's the only thing that will ever heal our hurt, and the only thing that will ever help our desire and wish to start over and be so very different from who we are. Just one thing. Forgiveness from Jesus. 

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