Saturday, March 19, 2011

A letter from Jesus

My precious girl,

If you knew that every time I look at you 
I find more and more beauty, 
every time I look into your eyes 
I see more strength and faith 
than you'd believe was possible,
would you still weep? 
Would you still cry alone at night, 
lost in wishful dreams and fancies? 
Would you feel lonely and confused? 
Would you still wonder who you are?

I never said it would be easy, 
and you're beginning to understand, 
that you'll never conquer on your own, 
you've got to learn to take my hand. 
I'm here to guide you and help you, 
so take your eyes off yourself. 
With your eyes on me, 
I promise to never leave you. 
Rely on me, remember what I said, 
"My yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

Understand now; realize once again: 
my burden is light because my love 
is stronger than anything. 
And while you hold my love inside you, 
no one, absolutely nothing can touch your soul, 
nothing can break the cord of love that binds you to me.

Never forget: I'm here to forgive, 
I'm here to understand, 
I'm here for you to rely on. 
Trust me. 


  1. YES! I had never thought of doing this before but I see how it could be very helpful for many purposes: conviction, consolation, encouragement, etc. Thanks for sharing this wonderful letter!