Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Full heart

What do you do with a bursting heart? My heart feels like it will soon break to pieces from being so full of love and feeling. 

When I feel joy and extreme happy contentedness, there is so much I want to write. But, just like words truly cannot express how painful broken tears feel, so words cannot come close to describing how a heart aching because it's so full of love feels.

All this love that's been poured inside me makes me want to find every spot of beauty and make it more beautiful. It makes me want to give a whole bunch of people a really big hug.

I've wondered before how you heal a broken heart. Now I wonder how on earth you're supposed to hold a heart full of love.

But because my heart is so full, I rest in peace and I do not worry about how to hold it. Because the reason my heart is so full is because God is filling it. He will continue to fill it, and enlarge it, and will make more room for me to hold even more. And he will always hold my heart. 


  1. Want to know something that this made me think of? How big is the heart of God? To hold every mans deepest sorrows and every mans greatest joys all multiplied by His knowledge of the future and the past and then magnified by His own great love and furious hate! Imagine how big God's heart must be to hold all of this at once! The thought of it makes my heart feel sort of ready to explode - especially realizing that there in resides Jesus...The greatest heart of all lives inside my heart...So magnificent! What a wonderful write, Dear. I love you muchly. :) Love the contrasting of a broken heart to a full one. :D

  2. yes, you're exactly right! I have been obsessed with the idea of hearts lately -- for a while it was a broken heart I thought about, but right now my heart feels so full of something like joy, although even that word doesn't come close to covering the vastness of this feeling. I've realized it's the feeling I get when I'm with people I love very very dearly, or when I have a deeper understanding of how in love I am with God. I get this feeling whenever we go to Maine -- all my mom's side of the family make me feel this way. :) But I could never really understand why it hurt so much... I'm realizing now it's because it was so full. What is very exciting is the realization that with each time I get this feeling, feeling like my heart is going to break because it's so full of love, my heart is growing.

    I'm afraid that was sort of a random collaboration of thoughts, but that's what happens with a full heart. It makes your head full too. :)

  3. This is a beautiful post. I feel like that sometimes, and God is so good to allow us that bit of heaven here on earth. I like the part about giving a whole bunch of people a really big hug. <3