Sunday, April 10, 2011

I don't usually do this...

But this must be done. There's this book. It's called One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp. Maybe you've heard of it. If you've heard of it but haven't read it, read it now. That is a strict command. If you've never heard of it and are intrigued by it in the slightest, check out this amazing woman's blog:
I am borrowing this book from a friend, and I received it today and started it today, and am about 60 pages into it so far. I am, for lack of anything else to describe it, floored. Absolutely floored. It just might be the most amazing book I've ever read. I generally keep the fiction I read and the devotional type books I read separate (and I tend to read a lot more fiction, anyway) but this I wouldn't want to separate from any books I read. I seriously have already had such a twisting of heart just this afternoon reading it, that I'm quite sure already that this is something I will read over and over and be using with my daily time with God.

So that I don't overwhelm you with details, I'll just say this: This book completely revolutionizes your idea of thanksgiving (giving thanks). I have been feeling a deep need for a turning right side out, and I thought it would take a painful breaking of my heart from God, but I do think that perhaps this is what He will use to turn me right side out, for good. I'm seriously that excited, thrilled and amazed by this book. 

I will say one other thing about it. If you are not a poet, or an artist of that sort, you might have trouble with it, and I imagine you won't find it nearly as revolutionizing and life-changing as I'm finding it. She is an incredible poet and has an amazing way with words, in my opinion. Her writing touches and tugs at my heart like almost no one else's does. But that's partly because I can tell I'm like minded, and I can easily see that we think alike in a lot of respects (as in the way we think) and we write alike, though I cannot say I write anywhere near as beautifully or powerfully as she does. All that to say, I still believe you'll find it inspiring and life-changing. 

This book is poetically powerful and overwhelmingly huge and electrifying, but it is so real, and so down to earth. It is incredible. It is a gem. And I'm not even halfway through. I am confident it will only get better. 

I now have a new goal for my life. To find the gifts in life. Check it out, borrow it from a friend, read it, love it, and buy it. I'm planning to put it on my birthday wish list, and if I don't get it then, I'm ordering it pronto.

To order the book from amazon, click here:


  1. Soooo I am buying it today.

  2. Yay!!! good for you. :) I think you will love it.