Thursday, March 3, 2011

Loving God means. . .

. . .actually talking to him when I pray, not just cold emotionless talking to air.

. . .letting him bless me through small, simple things like music, books, and smiles.

. . .letting him bless others through me by my giving people compliments, a hug, or just a smile.

. . .making devotions the first part of my day.

. . .forgetting to care about how I look, and caring instead about how another feels.

. . .having sky-high expectations, despite the knowledge that could so easily be dashed, because God makes dreams out of nothing, and he'll make the dreams come true.

. . .asking God for help with little things like grammar tests, frustrating sewing machines, and cleaning my room.

. . .instinctively going to God when I feel lonely and weary of the world, and crying with him instead of crying alone.

. . .saying, "Everything will be all right," because no matter what happens, God will still be my God.

. . .being content even while all around I see people who I wish I could be, and things I wish I could have. Finding complete satisfaction, no matter what, because Christ is sufficient for me.

. . .believing I am amazingly beautiful in God's eyes, and not doubting the compliments of other people, because my beauty is the beauty of Christ alone.

. . .letting myself feel blown away by the goodness of God while standing in the glorious wind before a storm, listening to a song of praise, lying in the grass looking up at the bright blue sky, and laughing, or crying, with amazing friends.

. . .finding light in total darkness, and finding joy in unspeakable pain.

. . .looking forward to each day as a new opportunity to be blessed, and to bless, by and with God's love.

I guess that's what it all comes down to, really. God loved us first, so it should be our first priority to recognize his love, to feel his love, to give it to others, and to give it right back to him.
Help me, God, to truly love you.