Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Queen mother

There is a beautiful woman I know,
who's lived a lot longer than I have.
And though she has wisdom and experience
even beyond her own years,
She's good at laughing, or helping
with tears,
because inside she's close to the same age
that I am.

She's stronger and more forgiving
than any I've ever met.
And though she's so nearly never in the wrong,
in frustrations or discussions,
She's the one who comes back first
to me
to say she's sorry and to ask that I
forgive her.

She's shy and somewhat quiet,
until you get to know her.
When she's comfortable, and with those
that she knows and that know her,
you get to see her open up and laugh, or
sometimes cry,
and she's not afraid to
let you in.

This woman has suffered inside and out,
but knows how to find a gracious God.
Even when life screams and taunts,
threatening to only become harder,
She smiles serenely and responds
with trust,
because she believes in strength
beyond her own.

She knows when to write a note,
and bless with encouraging smiles.
Her advice sometimes hurts,
but always eventually heals.
She's patient and loving, and
genuinely caring,
and she's part of
who I am.

This woman just happens,
to be my dear mother,
who's shared me and showed me
what it means to be me.
She embraces me always,
in spite of my weakness,
and words can't describe my thankfulness
for her.


  1. Wow, Londa you are so blessed with an amazing mother...but then you already knew that!! And she is equally blessed with a sweet and amazing daughter. : ) Love y'all a whole boatload! <3

  2. Tell your mum I said Happy Birthday!! :) This is wonderful dear.

  3. I will, Bekah! Thank you. :) I wish I could really express how I feel about her -- this barely touches the surface. :)

  4. Your words brought tears to my eyes, Londa. I was pleased to see that you were indeed writing about your mother, for she is the one that came to my mind as fitting your apt description. She has possessed many of these wonderful qualities for most of her life, and the Lord has taught her all the way. She is a dear, dear woman, and I am privileged to be her little brother.

  5. thank you, Uncle Bill! There is another thing I love about my mom and that is that she has the most fantastic family in the world. My uncles and aunts and grandparents and cousins on my mom's side are my favorite people in the world! I love you all!