Sunday, April 24, 2011

A little bit rough, but I'll post it anyway. . .

A time to realize

Drowning in our sorrow
three days after
our hope was gone.
Everything we 
believed in,
has vanished,
and our hope is gone.

Cold grey grave holds
measureless and 
guiltless death.
Standing cross, 
empty but consuming, 
weight of
grief and sorrow's breath.

Throbbing heart and
open hands, 
empty, open,
to have and hold;
An open, empty tomb
contains a broken,
breaking hope returned.

Blindness healing,
pure white folded clothing,
angel's quiet reassurance.
Lily drooping, over empty
tomb that held the dead.
Tears represent an
emptiness that can't be said. 

Light unyielding, shine through
A gardener's eyes that ask,
"why do you weep?"
My name is spoken,
I'm finished breaking,
My Saviour's arms
embrace my own.

Lily lifting, the
Sun is rising, and
He is smiling, and
my hope is found. 

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